Monday, June 27, 2011

I may have sunk to a new low...

Hello Blogees  [If I am the blogger, then that makes you the ee's.]:

You can't say that I don't try...  After my somewhat limited success in raising funds by begging, I have decided on a new tact.   I have been a photographer for many more years than the students that I teach at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.  I have never wanted to make being a photographer a business - besides the fact that I am way too sloppy to be a business person.    However, many persons have suggested that I sell my pictures.   So I have combined the needs of the school with my pleasure in taking photographs.   I have been putting some at: RedBubble.

All [or any] profits that I make I will use to support my work in Guyana.   This does seem like a decent compromise.    If you need some unique greeting cards or a framed print for a special gift to a special friend...  Then, please check out my offerings.

I think that I have arranged the advertizing schlock to appear on the blog [x2] - to make spending your money even easier.   So.... Take a peek!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Nothing" Accomplished - Thanks

All my hard training paid off as I kept my edge for the whole grueling event.  It will take some time for me to get a total of funds raised as there is a post strike here in Canada.
 All in all, it was probably not my greatest idea and definitely not my worst.   What I tried to accomplish was bring some attention to Tony and my efforts to get our students connected to the great electronic resources on the net.  
While I clearly didn't raise enough money for netbooks for each of the first year students, we will have about 6 new well-equipped laptops for the students at the Cafe.   Maybe we will restrict the new computers for students only - otherwise it seems that they are confiscated by staff. 
I'll include a picture of me in my uniform: a custom-designed Guyana T-shirt, official government hat and my own special touch - "Golden Arrowhead" pants.   I had to search all over for the yellow, green, red, black and white.  I am in conversations with an international clothier about taking the design global.  
Notice: The well-used "Couch Potato" pillow...

Only two months left before we head back to Mercy... Thanks for your support.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Only One Week Left Before "NOTHING"!

Tony and I are getting our final arrangements final... Actually, because it's Guyana, we are actually still finalizing almost everything!   The good thing about returning to the same that we have come to see this as normal.

However, the real pressure on me has been the upcoming "Do Nothing-A-Thon".   I have been in training.  My Not-Working-Out schedule is being kept confidential  as there may be a book deal.

Seriously, I have raised some money for the computers, but the students require more units if we are to overcome  the problems from last year.   Of course, Tony and I will go no matter how many computers we actually raise.

I have never enjoyed fund raising, maybe because I don't enjoy being "Fund Raised".    Between Anne and me, the mail brings appeals everyday.   I get tired and feel overwhelmed, so I give them all to Anne to deal with.

So why should you part with your hard earned money for "Laptops for Guyana"?   To tell you the truth, I don't have a good answer, except that this would be a major contribution to the nursing students' education.

I know why I get involved at Mercy Hospital and the School of Nursing.   It is not hopeless.   A limited amount of money and effort can improve individual lives and the whole profession of Nursing in this small country.  

The young people work hard to get ahead and make their families proud.   Most have chores before and after school that would make our children get a human rights lawyer.  Though [don't get me wrong], they still have their share of "goof-off's".    However, all are grateful for our contributions to their education... and even say, "Thank you."

I can't say why you might make a donation.   I do have a small observation: Those people who have never met me have made more donations than those who know me.    I wonder what that means?

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed in my fund-raising skills.   Maybe I should have paid more attention in Economics 101?

Of course, everyone out there might just want to identify with The Guyanese... and are waiting till the last minute.   Well, NEWS FLASH: It is really close to the last minute.

 Hope that you can join in and support me in my grueling challenge this Sunday Evening.  The live link [I think it works.] is on the right side of the blog.

Take Care,  John