Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Running and Swimming in February

As I sit here looking out at the white carpet of snow on the ground, my email ring went off and there was a lovely message from a Mercy Volunteer, whom readers [with younger memories] might recognize, Salena Clohisy.

Here is Salena at St Ann's before her first run with the girls.

In part, Salena wrote:

I am still running with the St. Ann's girls every Saturday. We have started going to the sea wall some Saturdays because they were getting bored of running at the park. It really has more turned into a fun morning activity than actual running but I am okay with that. It is still so much fun! When we go to the seawall I can't stop the girls form jumping in the water and eventually submerging themselves. I've started bringing my friend Carolline who is a Cuso volunteer to help me on Saturday morning. It's nice to have someone helping to control the girls especially when more show up. I have attached some pictures! I have also started going to some of their movie nights that they have on Fridays and my goal is to go there one weekday per week to help with reading. St. Ann's has been such a great experience for me. 

And her pictures:

Salena's email really brightened up a Monday Morning in February in Canada.
I hope it will do the same for you...

Thanks from me for your dedication to the St Ann's girls.