Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Need a last minute Christmas Gift?

If you have waited too long to get a gift or to for your loved ones, how about considering buying a small digital camera for one of the older girls at St Ann's Girls' Home.  They love talking pictures...

The girls wanted me to teach them how to take pictures, so I will be leading the older girls in a photography class when I return in September.   I would love to have cheap digital cameras for the ten of them.

So if you want to donate $125.00 Canadian, I'll make sure they know from whom was the gift.

Just send a cheque to:
Guyana Christian Charities Canada Inc.
O'Connor - St Ann's Cameras
Mr. Dexter Gonsalves, Treasurer
805 Middlefield Road, Unit 5,
Scarborough, ON    M1V 4Z6

Or you can do so online [if you are really late] at:
and include in your message "O'Connor - St Ann's Cameras"