Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moving into Elmer Gantry Territory... Do you want more Prosperity?

I have said many times I couldn't have been successful with out all the financial assistance of my family, friends,colleagues and some people whom I have never even met.   Well, my 2014 First Year Nursing Students will need similar support.

Primarily, I am looking to provide each student with their own tablet.    The tablets are not in addition to textbooks; for in the world of today, tablets are the textbooks.    

A textbook is expensive.. and one is required for each course.  So my course would require at least four different textbooks: one for each ethics, neurology, psychology and sociology.   A cheap nursing textbook that I would choose for Ethics costs $75.00 and I'd still have to pay to ship them to Guyana.

The tablets that I am looking at providing will cost about $200.00 in the student's hands... tablet, case, shipping, duty, everything.

The students will be able to use them for all of their subjects in Second, Third and Fourth years... at no additional cost for each new subject.    [And now that I am an old guy - another bonus - is that the tablets weigh a lot less.]

I know that I ask the same people each year.   If you need a break from my begging, I will surely understand.   If you are able to make any contribution, I and my students will appreciate any gift.  

* However, before you pass this year, you may want to read what Arthur Brooks, a conservative expert on the benefits of charitable giving wrote this week [29 March 2014]  in the New York Times:

"In 2003, while working on a book about charitable giving, I stumbled across a strange pattern in my data. Paradoxically, I was finding that donors ended up with more income after making their gifts. This was more than correlation; I found solid evidence that giving stimulated prosperity...  

But when I mentioned my weird findings to a colleague, he told me that they were fairly unsurprising. Psychologists, I learned, have long found that donating and volunteering bring a host of benefits to those who give. In one typical study, researchers from Harvard and the University of British Columbia confirmed that, in terms of quantifying “happiness,” spending money on oneself barely moves the needle, but spending on others causes a significant increase.

... I have found that the real magic of fund-raising goes even deeper than temporary happiness or extra income. It creates meaning." 

Remember that neither I nor Guyana Christian Charities use any of your donation for beer or administrative costs.   100% goes to the purchase of tablets.

Please consider making:
a donation to the 2014 nursing students;
an increase your personal happiness and life's meaning;
and, an investment in your future prosperity.

Sorry, I can't guarantee the last two, 
but your donation will benefit the students greatly.

No donation too small and of course, no donation too big!    
Donating is easy at: PayPal or for more options: Donations.    

If you have any questions, please email me.   John