Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thanks to Everyone and The Countdown Begins

The "Do-Nothing-A-Thon" is over and was a success.   When I finally figure out all the donations, the total will come close to $4,000.    I am now in the process of buying the computers for the students at the school.   They will need to share the laptops as even the cheapest units that will do what we want were more expensive than my initial assesments.   There will, however, be enough resources to be more than successful.   I'll keep you all informed about how they actually work down there.   As anyone knows who has done any work in Guyana - and probably anywhere else in the developing world - things never happen as imagined.

The "Laptops for Guyana" Project received a grant for one sophisticated laptop from Friends & Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Guyana (FROG)!  This will be a strong addition to the students' access in the Computer Cafe.

This is a picture of the First Year Nursing Students from 2010.

As well, an anonymous gift of two sophisticated laptops has been received.  

An additional piece of great news: a nurse educator/researcher from McMaster University will be in Guyana for six months with her husband who is volunteering with CUSO and she was looking for something to do!  Amazing.   We contacted her immediately and have her lined up to give us a try-out.   I am sure that once she gets to know us  ......  how could she refuse?!   "When" she decides, I'll share her name; till then, I may need to protect her anonymity... and from any unsolicited comments about Tony's sanity.

Random Comments About Returning:
  • I leave home to meet Tony at JFK in New York City on the afternoon of 2nd of September and we arrive at Cheddi Jagan at first light on the 3rd.   Our first class will be on Monday, the 5th.
  • I still have no idea of where I might be living as the parsonage at Calvary Lutheran might be occupied by a "real" pastor and the hospital is still short on spaces.  
  • There will be 24 First Year Students - YES, TWENTY-FOUR!  This will place a burden on all the resources at the school and hospital.  On the other hand, it is good to see the confidence  the in the school even after last year's fire.   (It will probably take me a whole month to call the students by their right names.)
  • Anne and I still have not sold our home by the sea so we can return to Ontario to be closer to family and old friends,  and that will hang on my mind ...... though I wouldn't mind moving when I am not there!  If you have some loose USD funds lying around and want a safe place to invest, buy our home: 323 Abbott's Harbour.

     Thanks to everyone for their support with dollars, prayers and good thoughts.   Our work there needs more of each.

    Take Care, John

    PS... If you still send "real" greeting cards consider sending some of my original ones at:   Any of my prints are availble and you can get an assortment of your choice for a discount.    All the money that I receive will go to Guyana Projects.