Friday, April 13, 2012

Mercy Hospital Nursing Students need your Help.

Exciting Possibilities
I have a request for your support.   

 As you know I have been volunteering at Mercy Hospital, teaching in the School of Nursing there, one semester a year for 9 years. 

The last two years, Dr. Tony Carr and I  have introduced the McMaster Problem-based learning approach and we have had very encouraging results.  Now we are trying to pass the torch to local Guyanese educators.   Taju Olaleye, who worked with us last year as a tutor is spearheading our next step.      If we are successful in obtaining the grant we’ve applied for, it will provide the funding for local salaries, individual netbooks for all the students (crucial for this learning approach in the Guyana situation), travel for Tony and me, and a two week course for faculty taught by an international expert.

This is where we need you – all of you ...… and as many friends as you have ..… to support our application. 

 To help us:

1.     Go to  This should bring you to Taju’s video.  “A Revolutionary Approach for Guyana Nursing Education”

2.    Please watch the video!

3.    Then you will need to register with Grand Challenges Canada in order to vote.  At the top right of the page, there is a LOGIN button. Please click.

4.    On the new page you will need to Create a New Account – hit button and add the information… including the copying of words and numbers to show you are not a robot!  Then your account needs to be confirmed (you will receive an email); you can activate it and log in.

5.    Now you should be back to Taju’s video. VOTE by hitting “Like this video.”

6.    Before you leave, please “like” the video on Facebook and Twitter, and email anyone else who might help Mercy Hospital School of Nursing with this.

7.    And for extra points – think up a great, inspiring comment!

Thanks - John